Review: Crafting with Feminism

This book is best approached with a sense of humour. A number of other reviewers seem to be annoyed that the craft suggestions in it are a little tacky, in particular the uterus cushion and the vagina (or, more correctly, vulva) tree ornaments. Personally I found the latter funny, though I already have a string of vulva bunting I put up at Easter (since it's a fertility festival among other things) so I'm very much the target market here. Not all of the crafts are things I would actually want to make, but it gave me a few ideas. I definitely want to make myself a Male Chauvanist Tears coffee mug, and perhaps matching superheroine cuffs for my daughter and I.

As the author, Bonnie Burton says, most of the fun to be had is not in creating these crafts solo, but hosting a craft party and sharing them with friends, which I'm planning to do in a couple of months time. Some of the crafting suggestions here make more sense if you assume you'd be making them while enjoying a few glasses of wine. Also, they are largely aimed at feminists with a very minimal level of crafting competence- about the most advanced technique in it is a little hand sewing- which would work well in a party atmosphere since nobody needs to be scared off by a lack of skill. Bonnie Burton has also included a suggested feminist playlist, feminist movies to watch, books to read and woman-centric holidays to use as an excuse for a party (eg. Maya Angelou's birthday, International Womens' Day, International Yarnbombing Day etc.).

Don't look to this book for feminist theory, as it assumes you have a handle on what feminism means to you already, though there are some suggestions for further reading on both feminism and crafting. There is an emphasis on not taking oneself too seriously and using humour as a way to get across ideas that might seem a bit "out there" to some people.

Crafting with Feminism is probably not for the experienced crafter, but is full of fun suggestions for those endowed with minimal skill but lots of enthusiasm and glitter. It would make a fun Christmas gift.

Disclaimer: I was given a complimentary copy of this book by Quirk Books via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Published: October 18 2016

Rated: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

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