Retreating to the cave.

Doona, photo by jeltovski via Morguefile.

Everyone in my house has taken turns at being down with the lurgy this month which has slowed me down a bit. I've still been reading heaps, it's just a matter of getting the reviews written. Hopefully things will start to pick up soon.

This week I'll be heading to the Brisbane Writers Festival to take in a few talks. There will be some terrific guests, including Holly Black, whose book The Darkest Part of the Forest I just finished listening to last week and Brisbane author Trent Jamieson, whose latest novel, Day Boy, I am just getting into now. There will also be a talk about online misogyny and sexism by Laurie Penny which sounds really interesting.

I'm now going to use the excuse of still being a bit under the weather to curl up under the doona with my Kindle. I plan to stay there until tomorrow morning. Don't disturb me for anything less than the zombie apocalypse. In fact, even then under the doona is probably a good place to be. Just leave me to it. I'll emerge when I'm good and ready, dammit.


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