Review: Strangers in Paradise Volume 2: I Dream of You

Strangers in Paradise I Dream of You

This is where the plot starts to get bizarre and complicated. Francine is angry and hurt when Katchoo disappears on a three month trip to Canada with no explanation. Katchoo can't bring herself to talk to Francine about her past so she unloads it all on David instead, telling him how she used to be an exclusive call girl, connected with the crime boss Darcy Parker. Parker is still after Katchoo for some money she believes she has stolen, putting Katchoo and Francine in danger.

David really oversteps the mark in this one. Firstly he puts on a public exhibition of Katchoo's art without her permission. While well intentioned this is a huge violation of privacy which would have made me furious in her place. Then he tops this off by insisting that Katchoo isn't a lesbian because "I know lesbians and you're not one of them." Uh huh. Thanks for clearing that up. Next maybe you could tell her what her favourite colour is or how she likes her eggs cooked. Fortunately Katchoo is a little too busy dealing with personal tragedy to be bothered with whatever David is carrying on about for the time being.

If you like a little "oh no he didn't!" in your romance this book will probably appeal to you. It's over the top, escapist fluff and I am addicted. On to Volume 3.

Published: 1996

Rated: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

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