Readathon for Women's Education: Belated Week 2 Update

Princess Layer, my beady eyed mini dinosaur.

I promised gratuitious chicken pictures, so gratuitous chicken pictures you shall have. This is Princess Layer the one year old Leghorn being cuddled by Miss Six. She sometimes hangs out nearby when we are reading, hoping to convince us that she hasn't already been fed.

My books:

Since the last update I have finished Moon Called by Patricia Briggs and What If I'm an Atheist: A Teen's Guide to Exploring Life Without Religion by David Seidman (I have a review up on A Comfy Chair) and A Girl's Guide to Life by Michelle Herman, which I think Miss Six is going to love when she is a little older. I'm also reading a brilliant new Australian novel called In the Quiet by Eliza Henry Jones.


I've started listening to Blood Bound, the next Mercy Thompson book, though after I've finished that I'm going to give that series a rest for a while and try and The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black, a young adult book I've heard good things about which is the book for this month in local spec fic writer Marianne de Pierres' online book club.

Miss Six's books:

Miss Six has finished three more Tug the Pup books, Who Says that Cat the Cat? by Mo Willems and Brave Dave by Andy Griffiths. She is slowly getting more confident, and likes to read to her brother.

Read Alouds:

I have finished reading The 39 Storey Tree House to her and Mr Three and they are begging me for the next book in the series. Miss Six's Dad is still reading her The Sky Warden and the Sun by Sean Williams at bedtime, but it's slow going at only a chapter a night.


So that's nine more books between us, bringing our total up to $16 pledged so far. I reckon we can probably double that by the end of the month. Every little bit helps, so if you'd like to contribute, head to our GoFundMe page, or you can make suggestions of good read alouds for the young ones.

If you're interested in where the money goes, here is an example of a previous Kiva loan I have made for a woman's education. Natalia from Paraguay is using her loan (of which my contribution is just a small part) for her tuition expenses to study Odontology so she can improve her family's lives.

Until next time (had to retype that because at first I put "nest time", I think because the chicken is still staring at me with her beady little eyes),

warm regards,


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