Princeless Book Two: Get Over Yourself

Princeless Book Two: Get Over Yourself

In Book One, Princess Adrienne escaped the tower where she had been imprisoned and set out to rescue her sisters with the help of Bedelia the blacksmith's daughter and Sparky the dragon. First on their list is the princess Angelica, reportedly the most beautiful of Adrienne's sisters. But Angelica has a pretty good thing going, surrounded as she is by hordes of admirers, so she doesn't particularly want to be rescued. Meanwhile the king has summoned the bravest warriors from across the land to kill the knight he believes murdered Adrienne and bring him the dragon's head.

Book Two explores ideas about beauty, but unfortunately without too much subtlety and nuance. I like that Angelica accepts her own beauty and is presented as more than just someone to be rescued. It's kind of cool that female dwarfs (and half dwarfs) grow facial hair, but less so that Bedelia and Adrienne both freak out at the idea of a man seeing them with a moustache and frizzy hair, respectively. Compare that with Violet from Rat Queens who shaves off her beard because she doesn't care what anyone thinks.

There's a bit more back story in this volume, and it's nice that they are starting to flesh out King Ashe's character a bit, instead of him being just a two dimensional sexist alpha male. Based on the not-so-subtle foreshadowing here, if my suspicions are correct we will also be seeing another side to the queen in later volumes.

Princeless Book 2 is not quite the book I hoped it would be, but it's still a fun, wholesome fantasy adventure full of brave girls. It's exactly the kind of thing my daughter will love.

Published: 2013

Rated: ★ ★ ★ ☆

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