Readathon Week 1

Salacious Crumb presides over my TBR pile.

We are now six days in and Miss Six has been putting in the effort and reading aloud to Mr Three. So far she has read him Tug the Pup is Brave, The Lost Crab, and Pen the Hen Knits a Hat. A special mention here goes to Mr Three, who recognised the word "hat" without knowing what the book was called or seeing a picture of one. Apparently they do sight words at kindy.

I have also finished reading them the 26 Storey Treehouse, and we are about halfway through the next in the series, The 39 Storey Treehouse. Even Mr Three will sit through these because there are lots of pictures and they both love stories featuring man-eating sharks, pirates, flying cats and other craziness.

As for myself, I have just finished a thriller called Searching for Celia by Elizabeth Ridley (review to follow soon) and started listening to the audiobook of the first of the Mercy Thompson novels (urban fantasy), which so far I'm quite enjoying. I got slightly derailed in my solo reading because in honour of the US Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage Comixology had a sale on loads of comics with LGBT characters and I picked up the complete Strangers in Paradise. I am tempted to just lock myself in my bedroom and binge read all 18 volumes, but I have stuff to do and I wasn't planning to count comics in the Readathon. Maybe just one or two...

The tally so far is 7 books read between us, so that's $7 pledged by me so far. I'd like to give a heartfelt thankyou to the generous person who donated $15 to our GoFundMe campaign yesterday. It means a lot to me.

So far so good. I'd better get back to it!

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