Readathon Update: Day 1

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"Though other writers all around

Type, type and do not shirk,

This maxim saves me from depression:

Reading books is work."

~Wendy Cope, from The Squirrel and the Crow

Day One of our readathon. Today was beautifully sunny after a wet week and the trampoline beckoned, so I have yet to get Miss Six to sit down and read a whole book herself. However, she'll have a chapter of the Sean Williams book she and her dad are enjoying read to her at bedtime, and they'll get through that one sooner or later.

Speaking for myself, I sat outside this morning with a friend (pictured above) to keep me company and have finished not one but two short books today: I Don't Know by Wendy Cope (a collection of poems), and A Girl's Guide to Life by Michelle Herman. Both were excellent, and reviews will probably follow shortly. So that will be $2 to Kiva from me so far (hey big spender!) and I want to give a heartfelt thankyou to the person, who knows who they are, who has kicked things off with the first donation on our Gofundme page. I won't be keeping up this pace with my solo reading but I wanted to get off to a good start.

Coming up next I think I might read some more Patricia Briggs, starting at the beginning of the Mercy Thompson books, and then maybe try some Robin Hobb. Then there is Romance by the Book by Jo Victor to get through. Miss Six is going to be reading the next in the "I can read with Tug the Pup" series and whatever else might take her fancy.

Stay tuned for futher exciting developments and more gratuitous pictures of chickens!

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