Readathon for Womens' Education

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For the month of July my daughter and I are going to have a readathon as a little fundraiser for women's education. It will have the duel aim of raising money for a worth cause and getting us both to read more books, which my daughter at least could use a little encouragement with. And even as a fairly prolific reader it couldn't hurt for me to have some incentive to spend more time on books rather than Facebook,

I haven't tried this before so I'm not 100% sure how it will work but I'll see how we go. I'm going to pledge $1 for each book my daughter reads for herself (she's six and is just learning to read), each book I read aloud to her (we always have a novel or two on the go) and any book over 200 pages I get through cover to cover myself during the month of July. My husband will match us dollar for dollar. We will try and get through 25 books.

At the end of the month we will use however much money we have raised in total to make education loans for women on Kiva. Small loans of as little as $25 can contribute to helping send a woman to university, so she can get a better job and provide for herself and her family, or it can be used to help a mother pay her children's school fees.

We have created a Femlitica lending team . If you like you can join us and make your own Kiva loan to help a woman get started in her education. Or you can contribute whatever you think is appropriate (per book or in total) to our GoFundMe Page. If you don't want to contribute money but would like to be involved, you can suggest good books for Miss Six and I to read together, or just cheer us on in the comments. Wish us luck!


Our Planned Reading List So Far

Read alouds:

The Marvelous Wizard of Oz~ Frank Baum

The Sky Warden and the Sun~ Sean Williams- We've already started these two, but since they're novels of a decent length if we finish them in July they'll count).

The 39-Story Tree House ~ Andy Griffiths

The 52-Story Tree House ~Andy Griffiths

Meet Marley ~Alice Pung


A Girl's Guide to Life~ Michelle Herman

Romance by the Book~ Jo Victor

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