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I don't need any more books. I really don't. I have a pile of paperbacks by my bed gathering dust, a book shelf in almost every room in the house (reading in the toilet is gross, so there are none in there), a Kindle full of ARCs and I look on the library's 20 item borrowing limit as a minimum. Even so, I am urging you my readers to enable my habit.

Is there a book you'd like to see reviewed or discussed on Femlitica? I'm looking for biographies of interesting women, fiction by women, especially sci fi, fantasy or crime, including young adult. Feminist books are great. Whether it's radfem or libfem I'm interested to see what's out there. It's all fuel for discussion.

Or is there a book that's just so good you think everyone should read it? Please let me know in the comments, now that I have finally worked out how to add a comment box. I can't promise I'll read and review it, but it will probably end up on my list/in my giant TBR pile.

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