Review: Songs Unfinished by Holly Stratmore

Songs Unfinished, a lesbian love story by Holly Stratimore, published by Bold Strokes Books

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bold Strokes Books, via Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review.

Shawn Davies has made a lot of bad decisions, but the worst of all is the one that ends up with her fleeing a hotel room where her would-be-rapist lies unconscious on the bed. Leaving LA for the sanctuary of her home town she has nowhere to go since her father has disowned her for being gay and her beloved aunt has died. She switches on the radio in her car and hears a blast from the past, Jamie Del Harmon, lead singer of the up and coming band Passion Play and and Shawn's friend from LA. Jaymi gives her a place to stay, and encourages Shawn in her musical career, but as something more than friendship and mutual admiration begins to develop between them they both find themselves wary. Jaymi has been hurt before by a cheating girlfriend and is still grieving the loss of her mother to cancer. Shaun carries with her the guilt and shame of having been homeless and reduced to exchanging sex for a place to sleep at night. They both need to learn to trust again if they are to find happiness.

Songs Unfinished is a sweet story about overcoming loss and shame and finding love. It's also about a love of music, and musicians and serious music lovers might see things in it that I missed since the book goes into a bit of detail about the characters' musical influences and how they write music. I kind of wish I could listen to the songs they play to get a better idea what they are talking about.

The pacing in this book is a little odd. The romance between the two women develops slowly, agonisingly so at times, with chapter after chapter of “will they/won't they” though you know that eventually of course they will. The two main characters are an endearing pair and the dialogue between them seemed realistic and natural. Over all Songs Unfinished is a solid lesbian romance with a happy ending.

Published: 2015

Rated: ★★★½

Songs Unfinished is available in the Amazon Kindle Store.

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