Review: Savage Delight by Sara Wolf

Savage Delight, Sara Wolf, young adult romance

Three years, twenty-five weeks, five days...

While recovering in hospital after Leo's savage attack, Isis finally meets the mysterious Sophia, whom she immediately befriends. Unable to remember anything about Jack, Isis tries to put together the pieces of the past year while still skirting around the other things she doesn't want to remember. Someone knows about what Jack did in the woods that night and is sending Isis anonymous threatening emails. Isis decides to visit the scene of the crime and see if she can finally find out the truth. Meanwhile, the date for Sophia's surgery is approaching rapidly, along with the possibility of Jack finally being free to live his own life again.

Like the first book this one is a real page turner. I downloaded book three all of thirty seconds after reading the last line. Savage Delight made me by turns anxious, excited, happy, sad and furious. It was nice to see Sophia transform from Jack's idealised damsel in distress into a real, fallible human being who is angry about what happened to her and tired of holding back her grief and jealousy towards Isis.

I badly wanted Jack and Isis back together, but more than that I wanted to see Nameless to pay for what he did and be prevented from hurting any other girls. If he doesn't go down in book three I don't know what I'll do. I don't have a physical copy of the book to hurl across the room and I like my Kindle too much for that.

On to third installment, Brutal Precious...

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ Published: February 10 2014

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