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Caitlin Moran's first book, How To Be A Woman was a funny, brilliant book about the many pitfalls of being a woman in the modern world. In Moranthology she turns her wit to a variety of other subjects, including drugs, abortion, politics, her hair, Lady Gaga, Ghostbusters and late night conversations with her husband as he is trying to go to sleep. It is a collection of her previously published newspaper columns with added commentary on what possessed her to write some of them.

It's a collection you can just dip in and out of, making it a good book to pick up for a few minutes while you have a cuppa, as long as you don't mind the risk of spitting tea across the table in a fit of sudden laughter. Hightlights for me as far as laughs go are "Call me Puffin", in which Moran berates her sleepy husband for failing to come up with a suitable nickname for her, and her two reviews of the BBC television series Sherlock in which the smitten Moran gets to meet "the frumious Cumberbatch."

The book has its serious moments too, including her obituaries for Elizabeth Taylor and Amy Winehouse and her column "This is Not A Gift", in response to Rick Santurum an Rush Limbaugh's stance on contraception and abortion. Moran has a knack for getting across serious ideas using humour to get in under your guard. She is as fiendishly clever as she is delightfully odd. I can't help but gush because I'm a huge Moran fan. If I ever actually get to meet her I'm sure it will be just as awkward as the time she showed Eddie Izzard some lettuce she'd just tied into a knot with her tongue.

The book is a bit Britain specific, and some of the columns will go over the head of anyone who isn't a Brit, an expat or at least a big fan of British tv. However, much of it, like the columns to do with Moran's own life and big issues like welfare, are pretty much universal.

I recommend Morantholgy for Sherlock and Doctor Who fans, feminists, parents, celebrity watchers and anyone who likes to laugh.

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